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Unit 6: At the TV studio

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Lesson 1: Vocabulary (page 60)

1. Watch, read and understand.

Visita la página de Gramática Básica y estudia: want to y need to. Haz las actividades. Después trata de comprender el diálogo del vídeo.

Daisy: Hi! We’re going to go to the TV studios today.
Peter: I’m so excited! I can’t believe they’re going to film our favourite show, ‘All About Talent’.
Zoe: It’s going to be great! Come on, let’s go!

2. Listen and repeat the vocabulary

Dictation. On your notebook, write the words you hear and check your answers looking at the book

Dictado. En tu cuaderno, escribe las palabras del audio y comprueba tus respuestas mirando el libro.

3. Listening to the audio and looking at the picture on page 60, find out which number the speaker is saying.

Escuchando el audio y mirando el dibujo de la página 60, averigua el número.

4. Copy the sentences on your notebook writing the job.

5. ACTIVIDAD EDMODO: Can you think of any other jobs? Write about it in no more than 5 lines.

Lesson 2: Grammar (page 61)

1. Future (will)

Visit BASIC GRAMMAR to understand the activity 2 on this page.

En la página de GRAMÁTICA BÁSICA, accede al futuro con "will" para entender el cuadro de la actividad 2.

2. Listen and read. Try to answer: Will Holly Wood's poem be popular?

ACTIVIDAD EVALUABLE EN EDMODO: La respuesta a esta pregunta.

Escucha varias veces mirando el texto y léelo después.

3. Play the jobs game. Looking at the table in activity 3, write what Daisy, Zoe, Fred and Peter will be in the future.

ACTIVIDAD EVALUABLE EN EDMODO: Mirando la tabla de la actividad 3, escribe lo que serán los niños en el futuro.

Lesson 3: Culture (page 62)

1. Watch, What are the 2 events called?

Observa y dí ¿Cómo se llaman los 2 eventos?

Daisy: I like clothes like these. But everyone has got their own style and likes different kinds of fashion. Clothes designers design clothes for lots of different occasions. Let’s see some of them.
Culture film:
Clothes designers design clothes for lots of different occasions. And some clothes designers design clothes for extra special occasions like the Diwali festival.
Diwali is an Indian festival that people celebrate every year. It’s the festival of light so it’s very colourful. Some women wear saris. These saris are flowery. Clothes designers designed the beautiful patterns in bright colours and lots of gold. My favourite is the yellow sari in the middle. People shop for special clothes for the festival. The clothes are often red, white, silver and gold. Men wear clothes with beautiful patterns, too. I love this silver one. I wonder … will that woman choose the red sari?
Clothes designers design amazing costumes for the Notting Hill Carnival, too. This is a festival in London which celebrates Caribbean culture. For three days every August, the streets are full of people dancing. Look, these dancers are wearing beautiful colourful feathers. Sunday is the Children’s Day at the carnival. Thousands of children dance in the streets.
Clothes designers work all year making the costumes. But what will they design for next year’s carnival? What do you think about these clothes? They were designed for these Morris dancers who dance this traditional English dance. They look a bit old-fashioned! But some fashion already looks like it’s from the future! What do you think you’ll wear in 2050?

Answer the questions at the end of the video.

Traduce el texto del vídeo a español. Así, lo entenderás mejor.
What are the 2 events called?
Notting Hill Carnaval
Diwali Carnival
Hill Notting Carnival
Notting Hill Festival
Notting Hill Carnival
Diwali Festival

2. Listen and try to answer:
What were clothes like in the 1980s? ¿Qué significa esta pregunta?
Will we need umbrellas in the future? ¿Y ésta?

Ve al apartado de GRAMÁTICA BÁSICA y repasa el futuro.

ACTIVIDAD EDMODO: Responde en inglés a las dos preguntas anteriores.

Watch carefully and practice the dialogue.
Reproduce varias veces el vídeo y practica el diálogo.

Traduce al español la conversación entre estos alumnos.

Lesson 4: Cross curricular (page 63)

Watch the video and:

ACTIVIDAD EDMODO: Responde en inglés a las preguntas del ejercicio 3, página 63.

Lesson 5: Story (pages 64 and 65)

First, watch the story: Theseus and the Minotaur. Then, look at the comic in your book.

ACTIVIDAD EDMODO: Write answers to questions in activity 3 at page 65.

Lesson 7: Song and skills (page 67)

Enjoy the song: "We will always be friends".

Disfruta la canción: "Siempre seremos amigos".

Daisy: What do you think you’ll do in the future? Do you think you’ll be musicians?
Zoe: Maybe. Do you think you’ll be a director, Daisy? Your blog is really good.
Daisy: Thanks, Zoe. The blog is popular because of the great songs you and Peter wrote!
Peter: I’m not sure what I’ll be when I’m older, but I think we’ll always be best friends. Here’s a song Zoe and I wrote about best friends.
Daisy: Today’s song on the blog is about best friends. Peter, Zoe and I are best friends and we will always be friends.
Peter: Yes, we will.
Zoe: Friends forever!
Daisy: This song is for you and your friends.

Listen and repeat.

Listen and repeat the tongue twister.

Lesson 8: Language Review (page 68)

Listen to Daisy and her friends. Answer this question: Which 4 jobs do they mention?

a camera operator - a builder - a writer - an actor - a director
a hairdresser - a singer - a clothes designer - a comedian - a dancer

Ve a GRAMÁTICA BÁSICA y repasa el futuro con will. Haz las actividades.

2. Listen again. Read and answer the questions.

4. ACTIVIDAD EDMODO: Write the sentences in the future using will or won't.

Lesson 9: Comprehension (page 69) and Conversation (page 88)

Listen to Daisy and her friends. Which 5 places do they mention?

theatre - park - town square - house - opera house - garden
amphitheatre - school - football stadium - shopping centre

Do the role-play with your friend. Go to page 88.

Practica la conversación de la página 88.