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Unit 5: At the youth club

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Lesson 1: Vocabulary (page 50)

1. Watch, read and understand.

Visita la página de Gramática Básica y estudia: To Be: Past Continuous. Haz las actividades. Después trata de comprender el diálogo del vídeo.

Daisy: Hi! I’m going to go to the youth club today.
Peter: Hi, Daisy! Are you ready?
Daisy: Yes! I love scooting at the youth club. Later I’m going to play board games with Peter.
Peter: And I’m going to win!
Daisy: No, you aren’t! See you later!

2. Listen and repeat the vocabulary

Dictation. On your notebook, write the words you hear and check your answers looking at the book

Dictado. En tu cuaderno, escribe las palabras del audio y comprueba tus respuestas mirando el libro.

3. Listening to the audio and looking at the picture on page 50, find out which number the speaker is saying.

Escuchando el audio y mirando el dibujo de la página 50, averigua el número.

4. Copy the sentences and write the activity.

5. ACTIVIDAD EDMODO: Can you talk about other activities? Write about it in no more than 5 lines

Lesson 2: Grammar (page 51)

1. Past continuous (verb to Be)

Visit BASIC GRAMMAR to understand the activity 2 on this page.

En la página de GRAMÁTICA BÁSICA, accede al pasado del verbo to be y al gerundio para entender el cuadro de la actividad 2.

2. Listen and read. Try to answer: What was Daisy doing this morning?

ACTIVIDAD EVALUABLE EN EDMODO: La respuesta a esta pregunta.

Escucha varias veces mirando el texto y léelo después.

3. What were they doing? Saying the time, write what Daisy, Zoe and Peter were doing.

ACTIVIDAD EVALUABLE EN EDMODO: Mirando la tabla de la actividad 3, escribe lo que estaba haciendo cada uno y a qué hora.

Lesson 3: Culture (page 52)

1. Watch, What activities are they doing?

Observa y dí ¿Qué actividades están haciendo?

Daisy: I love going to clubs and learning new things. They’re a great way to make new friends, too. Let’s find out about some interesting clubs and the things you can do there.
Culture film:
Whatever you like doing, there’s a club for you. These children are at climbing club. It looks like fun. You can try abseiling at a climbing club, too. It’s great to try new things.
These children are at a swimming club. Today they are practicing for a competition. They swim three times a week. They’re very hard-working, but there’s still time to make friends.
Football clubs are very popular. At this club, the children play football together every Friday after school. Goal!
And at other clubs you can explore nature. At this Ranger club today, the children made a shelter out of wood and leaves. Doesn’t it look great! At lunchtime, they made a fire and cooked potatoes. Scouts is another club where you can explore nature. You learn new skills and get a badge every time. When you go camping with the Scouts, you need to put up your own tent. This girl is checking all the ropes carefully. She’s trying to get a camping badge. Sleeping in a tent is very exciting! At scouts you can make fires and cook marshmallows. Yum, save some for me!

Answer the questions at the end of the video.

Traduce el texto del vídeo a español. Así, lo entenderás mejor.
What activities are they doing?
Exploring nature

2. Listen and try to answer:
What was Rosa doing this morning? ¿Qué significa esta pregunta?
What was Daisy doing this morning? ¿Y ésta?

Ve al apartado de GRAMÁTICA BÁSICA y repasa el pasado continuo y el pasado regular e irregular.

ACTIVIDAD EDMODO: Responde en inglés a las dos preguntas anteriores.

Watch carefully and practice the dialogue.
Reproduce varias veces el vídeo y practica el diálogo.

Traduce al español la conversación entre estos alumnos.

Lesson 4: Cross curricular (page 53)

Watch the video and:

ACTIVIDAD EDMODO: Responde en inglés a las preguntas del ejercicio 3, página 53.

Lesson 5: Story (pages 54 and 55)

First, watch the story: Can girls be pirates?. Then, look at the comic in your book.

ACTIVIDAD EDMODO: Do activity 3 at page 55.

Lesson 7: Song and skills (page 57)

Enjoy the song: "Who lost a scarf?".

Disfruta la canción: "¿Quién perdió una bufanda?".

Peter: Hi, Daisy. Are you going to come to the youth club this week?
Daisy: Yes, I am.
Zoe: Peter and I wrote a song about it.
Daisy: Did you? I can’t wait to hear it.
Peter: It’s about someone who lost their scarf at the youth club.
Daisy: Welcome back to our blog. Do you go to a youth club?
Zoe: Our youth club is great. I hope yours is too.
Peter: I hope you don’t lose anything there. The person in our new song lost a scarf at the youth club.
Daisy: We hope you enjoy the song.

Listen and repeat.

Listen and repeat the tongue twister.

Lesson 8: Language Review (page 58)

Listen to Daisy and her friends. Answer this question: Which 4 activities do they mention?

Averigua, primero, el significado de todas estas actividades:

scooting - roller skating - making a snack - playing cards - playing pool - watching a film
playing board games - reading a magazine - doing craft activities - playing table football

2. Listen again. Read and answer the questions.

4. ACTIVIDAD EDMODO: Write the sentences in the past continuous.

Lesson 9: Comprehension (page 59) and Conversation (page 87)

Listen to Daisy and her brother. Which 3 activities was Daisy doing at the youth club today?

making a snack - playing pool - scooting - shopping - doing craft activities
watching a film - playing board game - taking photos - playing cards

Do the role-play with your friend. Go to page 87.

Practica la conversación de la página 87.