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Unit 4: At the coast

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Lesson 1: Vocabulary (page 38)

1. Watch, read and understand.

Visita la página de Gramática Básica y estudia el pasado de to Be. Haz las actividades. Después trata de comprender el diálogo del vídeo.

Daisy: It’s Zoe’s birthday today, so we’re going to visit a town on the coast. We’re going to eat at a restaurant. Then, we’re going to give Zoe her birthday present.
Peter: Concert tickets! We’re all going to go to a concert.
Daisy: But, shh! It’s a surprise. Bye

2. Listen and repeat the vocabulary

Dictation. On your notebook, write the words you hear and check your answers looking at the book

Dictado. En tu cuaderno, escribe las palabras del audio y comprueba tus respuestas mirando el libro.

3. Listening to the audio and looking at the picture on page 38, find out which number the speaker is saying.

Escuchando el audio y mirando el dibujo de la página 38, averigua el número.

4. Copy the sentences and write the activity.

5. ACTIVIDAD: Can you think or any other activities you can do at the coast? Write about it in no more than 5 lines

Lesson 2: Grammar (page 39)

1. Past of the verbs

Visit BASIC GRAMMAR to understand the activity 2 on this page.

En la página de GRAMÁTICA BÁSICA, accede al pasado de los verbos para entender el cuadro de la actividad 2.

2. Listen and read. Try to answer: Who did they see on the beach?

ACTIVIDAD: La respuesta a esta pregunta.

Escucha varias veces mirando el texto y léelo después.

3. Who did that? Write what Daisy, Zoe and Peter did and didn't do in activity 3.

ACTIVIDAD: Mirando la tabla de la actividad 3, escribe lo que hicieron y no hicieron los niños.

Object Pronouns 1

Lesson 3: Culture (page 40)

1. Watch, What places can you see?

Observa y dí ¿Qué lugares puedes ver?

Daisy: I visited Brighton recently. Brighton is a city by the sea. It’s on the south coast of England. Here’s a video about coastal towns and cities in the UK. Let’s watch.
Culture film:
This is a beach in Brighton. It's a stony beach with a long pier. There aren’t many shells on the beach, but there are lots of stones. You can make patterns with stones on the beach – like this beautiful star. Not all beaches in the UK are stony. The beach in Bournemouth is sandy. And there are lots of colourful beach huts.
There are aquariums in lots of seaside cities. Look at the colourful fish and turtles. The turtles look very serious! These are clown fish. They are orange, white and black with stripes. Blackpool is a coastal city in the north of England. It’s famous for its beautiful lights. It’s got a big funfair and a tall tower called the Blackpool Tower. There’s an exciting funfair on Brighton Pier, too. It’s open until late at night.
This is Brighton Pavilion. It’s a royal palace in the city and it’s only a couple of minutes from the beach. Isn’t it beautiful! There’s also a theatre in Brighton, and you can go shopping in the city. There are lots of great shops and cafés.
This is a sweet that you can buy in lots of coastal cities. It’s called rock because it’s very hard like a rock! Fish and chips are nice, too! There are lots of seagulls – they also like fish and chips! There’s so much to do at the beach!

Answer the questions at the end of the video.

Traduce el texto del vídeo a español. Así, lo entenderás mejor.
What places can you see?

2. Listen and try to answer:
What did Daisy eat and drink? ¿Qué significa esta pregunta?
What places did Roberto go to? ¿Y ésta?

Ve al apartado de GRAMÁTICA BÁSICA y repasa el pasado regular e irregular.

ACTIVIDAD EDMODO: Responde en inglés a las dos preguntas anteriores.

Watch carefully and practice the dialogue.
Reproduce varias veces el vídeo y practica el diálogo.

Traduce al español la conversación entre estos alumnos.

Lesson 4: Cross curricular (page 41)

Watch the video and:

ACTIVIDAD EDMODO: Responde en inglés a las preguntas del ejercicio 3, página 41.

Lesson 5: Story (pages 42 and 43)

First, watch the story: Dragon eggs. Then, look at the comic in your book.

ACTIVIDAD EDMODO: Read the questions in activity 3 and answer them at page 43.

Lesson 7: Song and skills (page 45)

Enjoy the song: "Holiday by the sea".

Disfruta la canción: "Vacaciones junto al mar".

Daisy: The blog is really popular. People love the songs.
Peter: That’s great!
Zoe: I hope they like the next one.
Daisy: Watch our new song on our vlog. Zoe, Peter and I wrote it. It’s a song about going on holiday by the sea. Thank you for your comments about the songs.
Peter:What were the comments, Daisy?
Daisy: They said the songs are really fun and exciting. Let’s listen to the next song.

Listen and repeat.

Listen and repeat the tongue twister.

Lesson 8: Language Review (page 46)

Listen to Daisy and her dad. Answer this question: Which 3 activities did Daisy do?

go to a concert - go bowling - go ice skating - go to the funfair - go to the aquarium
go to a restaurant - visit the planetarium - go karting - go to the cinema - collect shells

Activity 2. Listen again. Read and write the missing words

Lesson 9: Comprehension (page 47) and Conversation (page 86)

Listen to Daisy and her friends. Which 7 verbs do they use?

eat - meet - find - visit - drink - say - buy - write - collect - wear - see - become

Do the role-play with your friend. Go to page 86.

Practica la conversación de la página 86.