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Unit 5: At the department store

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Lesson 1: Vocabulary (page 50)

1. Watch, read and understand.

Visita la página de Gramática Básica y estudia el pasado simple: Regular e Irregular. Haz las actividades. Después trata de comprender el diálogo del vídeo.

Dad: OK. Let’s go to the toy department and find a present for your cousin Lewis.
Jack: Where’s the toy department?
Dad: It’s on the second floor.
Sally: Let’s go to the clothes department. That’s on the first floor.
Dad: OK. But let’s get Lewis’s present first.

2. Listen and repeat the vocabulary

Dictation. On your notebook, write the words you hear and check your answers looking at the book

Dictado. En tu cuaderno, escribe las palabras del audio y comprueba tus respuestas mirando el libro.

3. Listening to the audio and looking at the picture on page 50, find out which number the speaker is saying.

Escuchando el audio y mirando el dibujo de la página 50, averigua el número.

4. Copy the sentences and write the object.

5. ACTIVIDAD EDMODO: Can you talk about other things in the picture? Write about it in no more than 5 lines

Lesson 2: Grammar (page 51)

1. Past of the verbs

Visit BASIC GRAMMAR to understand the activity 2 on this page.

En la página de GRAMÁTICA BÁSICA, accede al apartado Obligación: Have to y haz sus Actividades para entender el cuadro de la actividad 2.

2. Listen and read. Try to answer: Where does Jack have to go with his mum?

ACTIVIDAD EVALUABLE EN EDMODO: La respuesta a esta pregunta.

Escucha varias veces mirando el texto y léelo después.

3. The things to do. Write what Emma and Helen have to do in activity 3.

ACTIVIDAD EVALUABLE EN EDMODO: Mirando la tabla de la actividad 3, escribe la lista de cosas que Emma y Helen tienen que hacer.

Lesson 3: Culture (page 52)

1. Watch, What kinds of material does the shop sell?

Observa y dí ¿Qué tipos de materiales vende la tienda?

Jack: I like wearing jeans and a T-shirt, but sometimes I have to wear special clothes, for a party or a celebration. In the UK you can see lots of different clothes from different places. Let’s watch.
Culture film:
How do you choose what to wear? Do you think about the weather? Where you’re going? What you’re going to do?
Some people have to wear special clothes for work. Can you spot the police in their uniforms? Look – there on the left. The Queen’s Guard at Buckingham Palace wear a very special uniform. The furry hat is called a busby – do you think it’s hot?
Some people wear special clothes for sports, like this skier. In a cricket match, people usually wear white T-shirts and long white trousers. These clothes are called ‘whites’. This festival in Scotland is called the Highland Games. The sportsmen wear a traditional wool skirt called a kilt. The dancers wear kilts, too, and so do the musicians. These are traditional Welsh clothes – well, maybe not the sunglasses! People from many different cultures live in the UK, so you can see lots of different kinds of clothes. These people are going shopping. This shop sells traditional Indian material – silk and cotton. You can see traditional Indian costumes at this festival. The dancers are wearing colourful dresses … but the people in the audience are wearing hats and scarves because it’s autumn, and it’s cold!

Answer the questions at the end of the video.

Traduce el texto del vídeo a español. Así, lo entenderás mejor.
What does the shop sell?
Black t-shirts
White trousers
Clothes for dancers
Clothes for work

2. Listen and try to answer:
Does Alfie have to wear a skirt to school every day? ¿Qué significa esta pregunta?
What did Lisa wear? ¿Y ésta?

Ve al apartado de GRAMÁTICA BÁSICA y repasa: preguntas con Wh-, el presente continuo, verbo to have y to can.

ACTIVIDAD EDMODO: Responde en inglés a las dos preguntas anteriores.

Watch carefully and practice the dialogue.
Reproduce varias veces el vídeo y practica el diálogo.

Traduce al español la conversación entre estos alumnos.

Lesson 4: Cross curricular (page 53)

Watch the video and:

ACTIVIDAD EDMODO: Responde en inglés a las preguntas del ejercicio 3, página 53.

Lesson 5: Story (pages 54 and 55)

First, watch the story: The Mountain. Then, look at the comic in your book.

ACTIVIDAD EDMODO: Answer the questions in activity 3 at page 55.

Lesson 7: Song and skills (page 57)

Enjoy the song: "Did you go to the concert".

Disfruta la canción: "¿Fuiste al concierto?".
Ve a GRAMÁTICA BÁSICA y repasa las preguntas en pasado con Did.

Jack: Hello. Welcome to our video channel.
Alfie: This is the best song you’re going to hear!
Lisa: I love it!
Jack: You’re going to love it! It’s about a singer.
Alfie: Who wears very funny clothes! We hope you enjoy it!

Listen and repeat.

Listen and repeat the tongue twister.

Lesson 8: Language Review (page 58)

Listen to Jack and Lewis. Answer this question: Which of these presents did Lewis get?

red cap - wool hat - wood plane - metal plane - rucksack - lantern

Activity 2. Listen again. Read and answer the questions.

Lesson 9: Comprehension (page 59) and Conversation (page 79)

Listen to Jack's interview. Which 4 materials do they mention?

cotton - glass - leather - metal - rubber - wool

Do the role-play with your friend. Go to page 79.

Practica la conversación de la página 79.