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Unit 1: My activities party

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Lesson 1: Vocabulary (page 6)

1. Watch, read and understand.

Visita la página de Gramática Básica y estudia Like + verbo + ing. Haz las siguientes actividades:

actividad 1 - actividad 2 - actividad 3

Después trata de comprender el diálogo del vídeo.

Jack: Hello! It’s my birthday next month. I’m writing invitations for my party. There are so many kinds of parties to choose from.

2. Listen and repeat the vocabulary

Dictation. On your notebook, write the words you hear and check your answers looking at the book

Dictado. En tu cuaderno, escribe las palabras del audio y comprueba tus respuestas mirando el libro.

3. Listening to the audio and looking at the picture on page 6, find out which number the speaker is saying.

Escuchando el audio y mirando el dibujo de la página 6, averigua el número.

4. Copy the sentences on your notebook and write the activity. ACTIVIDAD GOOGLE CLASSROOM

5. ACTIVIDAD: Can you talk about other activities? Write about it in no more than 5 lines

Lesson 2: Grammar (page 7)

1. Present Continuous: verb to be + gerund (-ing).

Visit BASIC GRAMMAR: Present Simple/Present Continuous and try to understand the activity 2 on this page.

En la página de GRAMÁTICA BÁSICA, accede a los apartados Presente Simple y Presente Continuo y haz sus Actividades para entender el cuadro de la actividad 2.

actividad 1 - actividad 2 - Actividad EVALUABLE

actividad 3 - actividad 4 - Actividad EVALUABLE

2. Listen and read. Try to answer: Why is Jack thinking about a gym party?

ACTIVIDAD: La respuesta a esta pregunta.

Escucha varias veces mirando el texto y léelo después.

3. The timetable game. Write what Jack, Alfie and Lisa do at weekend in activity 3.

ACTIVIDAD: Mirando la tabla de la actividad 3, escribe lo que Jack, Alfie y Lisa hacen durante el fin de semana. Hoy es domingo ¿Qué esta haciendo Jack? ¿Y Alfie? ¿Y Lisa?

Lesson 3: Culture (page 8)

1. Watch, What sports are they doing?

Observa y dí ¿Qué deportes están ellos haciendo?

Jack: I really like rounders, and I play twice a week in the summer. It’s fun and it’s good exercise. Children in the UK do lots of different sports: watch this
Culture film:
Swimming is popular. Lots of children go swimming, and some have swimming lessons. Football is another popular sport, and not just with boys. There are girls’ teams, too. We play lots of different sports at school, like cricket and rounders. Cricket and rounders are both bat and ball games. You hit the ball and run as fast as you can! Go! Yeah – that’s a rounder! You can join a club for most sports. These boys are playing rugby. Whites have got the ball … and they score! And these children are playing basketball. They run and jump and throw. Nice shot! What sports do you do?

Answer the questions at the end of the video.

Traduce el texto del vídeo a español. Así, lo entenderás mejor.
What sports are they doing?

2. Listen and try to answer: What sports are Jack and Lewis messaging about? ¿Qué significa esta pregunta?
Where does Jack play rounders? ¿Y ésta?

Ve al apartado de GRAMÁTICA BÁSICA y repasa: verbos to be y to have y el presente simple.

ACTIVIDAD: Responde en inglés a las dos preguntas anteriores.

Watch carefully and practice the dialogue.
Reproduce varias veces el vídeo y practica el diálogo.

Traduce al español la conversación entre estos alumnos.

Lesson 4: Cross curricular (page 9)

Watch the video and:

ACTIVIDAD: Responde en inglés a las preguntas del ejercicio 3, página 9.

Lesson 5: Story (pages 10 and 11)

First, watch the story: Mad about football!. Then, look at the comic in your book.

ACTIVIDAD: Answer the questions in activity 3 at page 11.

Lesson 7: Song and skills (page 13)

Enjoy the song: "It's a lazy day".

Disfruta la canción: "Es un día para no hacer nada".

Ve a GRAMÁTICA BÁSICA y repasa presente continuo: to be + gerund, Hay There is/are y presente simple simple present.

Jack and Lisa: Hi, we’re Jack and Lisa.
Lisa: I hope you’re enjoying our video channel.
Jack: Today’s new song is about activities. I hope you like.

Listen and repeat.

Listen and repeat the tongue twister.

Lesson 8: Language Review (page 14)

Listen to Jack and his friends. Answer this question: Which 3 activities do they mention?

abseiling - archery - badminton - climbing - diving - gymnastics
hockey - swimming - table tennis - trampolining

Activity 2. Listen again. Read and choose.

Lesson 9: Comprehension (page 15) and Conversation (page 75)

Listen to Jack and his friends. Which 4 activities do they mention?

basketball - climbing - diving - football - gymnastics - running - tennis

Do the role-play with your friend. Go to page 75.

Practica la conversación de la página 75.